Friday, December 18

advent 2009

A symbol is something that stands for or represents something else, often expressing concepts that words alone cannot. As Catholic editor and author Bart Tesoriero describes it, a symbol is something that speaks more to our subconscious and unconscious rather than our conscious.

When I pondered the symbols present in my own life, there were a few that stood out: my yellow ribbon lapel pin, my ratty 2009-2010 pocket day planner filled with nearly 200 Xs that mark each day of Ed’s 12-month deployment, and that 9:00 p.m. phone call from Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan, which signifies another day safely passed and one day closer to his return home.

Perhaps, however, the most important symbol of our Christian faith is the one we all share: our house of worship. During this upcoming year, we, as members of First Baptist Church, have chosen to restore our building, one of the most significant symbols of our common faith. Our 19th Century Roman Revival structure is the oldest house of worship in Savannah, a slice of history built to be a place of communal worship and united faith. The structure itself functions as a symbol of unification, hope for the future, and forgiveness of the past.

Thanks be to God for this symbol of the love of Jesus and the decision made to preserve it.

– Andrea Laster

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