advent 2009

Friday, December 25 Christmas Day
The Eternity Box The snow began falling shortly after lunchtime. Richard had been staring at the computer screen all... Read More

Thursday, December 24 Christmas Eve
I have been walking around thinking about the symbols of our faith. There are so many symbols used by... Read More

Wednesday, December 23
There were some holiday traditions of my childhood that lingered on well past practicality. One of those traditions was... Read More

Tuesday, December 22
Mankind has a primal need for symbols. I can picture ancient cave dwellers piling up stones as a monument... Read More

Monday, December 21
What Does Your Advent Symbol Mean to You? One of my most favorite symbols of the Advent Season is... Read More

Sunday, December 20
“Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire, O still small voice of calm!” – John Greenleaf Whittier “Mighty God,... Read More

Saturday, December 19
The Lost Symbols By your symbols (words) you shall be justified, and by your symbols (words) you shall be condemned.... Read More

Friday, December 18
A symbol is something that stands for or represents something else, often expressing concepts that words alone cannot. As... Read More

Thursday, December 17
Christmas has more symbols associated with it than any other season of the liturgical year. The Chrismon trees that... Read More

Wednesday, December 16
On a recent trip to Ireland, I visited Trinity College. Trinity is an iconic Irish institution. The college was... Read More

Tuesday, December 15
As is usual for me in attempting to write something meaningful for the Advent booklet, I have begun with... Read More

Monday, December 14
Although I am a newcomer to the season of Advent, it seems to me that I have always observed... Read More

Sunday, December 13
I don’t think you’ve truly experienced Christmas until you’ve found yourself sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by twenty-six... Read More

Saturday, December 12
What Christmas Is All About This is the thirty-fifth anniversary of Chrismon trees at First Baptist Church, and we... Read More

Friday, December 11
Growing up in Sunday School, children learn symbols that are associated with our faith and the importance of these... Read More

Thursday, December 10
Over the years there has developed a division of labor between Gaye and me when it comes to helping... Read More

Wednesday, December 9
My favorite symbol of Christmas and faith is always the lighting of candles. The separation of light from the... Read More

Tuesday, December 8
Every year I dread putting away the Christmas ornaments. At our house, that task begins on the day after... Read More

Monday, December 7
I am a Cancerian! It is said of my astrological sign that one of our major characteristics is the... Read More

Sunday, December 6
The bread and the cup – two of the most powerful symbols of the Christian faith. As we gather... Read More

Saturday, December 5
The Advent wreath is one of the most visible and recognizable symbols of the Advent season. Despite its current... Read More

Friday, December 4
As the Christmas season nears I find myself remembering favorite childhood memories. Although it doesn’t really relate to Christmas... Read More

Thursday, December 3
I have to begin by admitting that I did not really have any idea of what a Chrismon was... Read More

Wednesday, December 2
My mother, Linda Henman, loves Christmas. Every year she begins the decorating on the day after Thanksgiving (after hitting... Read More

Tuesday, December 1
Chrismons, Symbols of Christian Faith Chrismons are Christmas decorations featuring various symbols of the Christian faith. They are created... Read More

Monday, November 30
We live in a society that uses many symbols. Car manufacturers adorn their cars with symbols that people recognize... Read More

Sunday, November 29
Steve and I became engaged in July of 1982 and planned a fall wedding. I knew I wanted to... Read More

To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a... Read More

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