Thursday, December 20

advent 2007

When I was asked to write for this year’s Advent booklet and told that a possible subject could be based on ideas conveyed by our traditional Christmas Eve service song, “Congregation Arise,” I was intrigued. The words in this song seem to convey a simple message for us to speak to the world about the birth of our Christ. On further thought, this song says so much more to me. I believe there are many ways to “SHOUT FROM THE LOFTY HEIGHTS” about Christ Jesus.

I have often thought that in the years since Tom Austin was here our church has been rather quiet about social ministries in Savannah. For many years this involvement with social programs defined our church to the community. Our congregation was visible and respected for our concern and action for those in need.

Today, First Baptist Church has established herself as an ecumenical, moderate, missional Baptist church, but that does not seem to be enough for the community to know where our true passions lie. There are times when I wonder if we are really passionate about anything. We support programs, contribute to mission causes, help the needy, but can anyone on the outside tell what we value and who we are as a church congregation?

We need to consider how and what we are going to “SHOUT FROM THE LOFTY HEIGHTS.” What can we do as a church to meet the needs of our community and become a more visible congregation of practicing believers? We may discover that there are needs that we have never given much thought to addressing. Perhaps during this quiet time of Advent, each of us can look around us and discover a need that only the talented congregation of First Baptist Church, Savannah can successfully undertake.
– Barbara Creaser

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