First Baptist Church is a welcoming congregation located in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia.

We believe Jesus treated everyone with a spirit of love and equality. Therefore, we accept every individual without regard to age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. We affirm all persons as created in the image of God.

At First Baptist Church, individuals can find family, families can find community, the injured can find healing, and all can seek truth and justice. We labor together in love for each other, our community, our world, and our God.

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcomed, you are accepted, you are loved. 

The First Baptist Church confesses Jesus Christ as Lord, on the basis of who he was and is, and what he did and does. Who is he? We confess him to be God’s unique Son, the Messiah of Israel, the Lord of Life. What did he do? He gave his live even unto death–by God’s will and for our sake–on the cross. He comes again and again by the Holy Spirit, to communicate himself to his people. His people are the Church.

We seek simply to be one visible congregation of Christ’s Church. We hold Baptist views about the Christian faith. However, we also rejoice in our Lord’s gracious gifts to our fellow believers, who are called by names other than Baptist. Happily, we count them as our brothers and our sisters. 

First Baptist Church is a diverse congregation representing many different views on a variety of subjects, including denominational support for missions beyond the local church.  First Baptist Church supports ministries such as Family Promise, Emmaus House, Congregations in Service, Savannah Baptist Center, Morningstar Children and Family Services, McAfee School of Theology, Nurturing Faith/Baptists Today, and Passport Camps.

Some of our members direct their denominational mission support through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, while others may choose The Alliance of Baptists, or the Baptist World Alliance.  All are united in the belief that God calls us to reach out to the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to persons in need.