Y’all Come Sing

What is “Y’all Come Sing”?
During the month of August, the Music Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Savannah is opening their choir to anyone who would like to come and sing with them. This is the perfect opportunity for those who might be interested in the church and/or the choir and would like to “try it out” on a limited basis with no commitment. 

Who can sing?
Anyone! And we do mean anyone! To us at First Baptist Church, Y’all really does mean ALL! FBC is a welcoming congregation. We believe Jesus treated everyone with a spirit of love and equality. Therefore, we accept every individual without regard to age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. We affirm all persons as created in the image of God. If you are looking for a loving and supportive family, we hope you’ll give us a try!

Do I need prior singing experience?
No! Singing experience is always helpful, but not required. You also do not have to be able to read music to sing with the choir. The music for the month of August is on the “manageable” side, and has been selected taking into account the varying ability levels and the short rehearsal time.

When do we rehearse? 
For this special “Y’all Come Sing” time in August the choir is only rehearsing on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am just before the worship service. 

What time is the worship service?
The worship service begins at 11:00 a.m. and only lasts one hour. 

Where do I go?
Come to the front doors of the First Baptist Church Sanctuary, located at 223 Bull Street facing Chippewa Square. The rehearsal will take place at the front of the Sanctuary near the piano.

Where do I park?
You are welcome to park in the church parking lot, which is just off Hull Street one block behind the Sanctuary. If that is full, there is normally parking around the squares or at the Civic Center. You may want to plan to arrive a little early so that you can find a place to park.

What do I wear? 
Our choir normally wears choir robes. However, for this special “Y’all Come Sing” time in August, we will sing without robes. Please wear whatever you would consider “church clothes.” Folks at FBC wear everything from suits and ties to t-shirts and blue jeans. Please note that under our church’s re-opening procedures, we are still wearing facemasks to sing. 

What type of music do you sing?
First Baptist Church has a long history of good music. Much of the music we sing is on the “classical/traditional” side, but we often incorporate other forms of music into our services, including folk songs, spirituals, and contemporary pieces. 

What instruments does your church use? 
The primary instrument for our worship is the pipe organ…and we are very proud of ours. It is the largest and the oldest in the Savannah region. We do incorporate other instruments from time to time, including piano, strings, brass, and woodwinds. We also have a handbell choir! If you play an instrument and would like to share your gifts with us, please let the Music Minister know. 

Are any of the singers paid?
No. First Baptist Church prides itself on being one of the few downtown churches that has an all volunteer Music Ministry. Professional soloists and instrumentalists are only brought in for special occasions. 

Do I have to sign-up? 
No! Just show up on Sunday mornings. However, if you would like to email the Music Minister and let him know that you are coming, that is always appreciated. 

How can I get to know the people better?
There will be a short time between the rehearsal and the worship service where you can chat with fellow singers. However, we will be intentional about providing a fellowship event at the end of the month where we can share a meal together. Watch for more information. 

What if I like it and want to stick around?
We are always looking for new members and you would be welcome to continue singing with us if you enjoy your time during August. The choir’s normal rehearsal schedule will resume at 7:00 p.m. on the Wednesday after Labor Day. An informational meeting for interested singers will be held at the end of the month. Watch for more information. 

How can I get more information? 
If you would like more information about the church or the choir, please contact Dr. Justin L. Addington (Minister of Music) at justin@fbc-sav.org

Who is the director?
The Minister of Music at First Baptist Church is Dr. Justin L. Addington. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Limestone College, a Masters of Church Music in Choral Conducting from Concordia University Wisconsin, and a Doctorate of Theology in Worship Studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute. With over 20 years of experience as a church musician and educator, Justin finds great joy in helping others make connections between their faith journeys and the disciplines of music.