Christmas Day – Friday, December 25, 2020

Well, we made it. The baby has been born. The race to Christmas is complete, but the work of Christmas is just beginning. While this year will inevitably be different, we hope that you are able to celebrate Christmas this year with those you love. In the midst of the celebration, we hope that you remember the work of Christmas.

Mystic and theologian Howard Thurman once suggested two actions to shape our Christmas seasons. We hope that you will find meaning in his two suggestions this season. First, he advises, we must seek reconciliation because, “during the year that is rapidly coming to a close, you have perhaps had many experiences with many kinds of people…and in the course of these goings-on there have been times when the relationships heightened and were thrown out of joint, and a desert and a sea developed between you and someone else.” So there is no better time to seek reconciliation than now.

Thurman’s second suggestion is to do the following: “Will you with your imagination, with your fancy, will you conjure up into your minds a gift of grace that you might give to someone for whom you have no obligation?” This may mean a simple note or phone call to someone outside of your typical realm of relationships.

Practicing these two actions is just the beginning; but, the work of Christmas has just begun. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

-Katie and John Callaway