Congregational-Based Discernment Process


Congregational-Based Discernment Process

We want all church members to participate as much as possible in our discernment process so that we can all decide what is best for our congregation and move forward together.  Below are important dates you will want to save so that you can participate.

Sunday, February 12 - Lay Leadership Team Commissioned
Sunday, February 19 - First Congregational Meeting and Luncheon
Wednesday, March 8 - Second Congregational Meeting and Dinner
Sunday, March 26 - Third Congregational Meeting and Luncheon
Sunday, April 30 - Fourth Congregational Meeting and Luncheon
Sunday, June 4 - Fifth Congregational Meeting and Luncheon

Remember our Lay Leadership Team as they help to facilitate this process:
Fran Arnsdorff
Will Barnes
Nicki Brewer
Reed Creaser
Lynne Davis
Chris Hendricks
Tricia Kilgore
Nancy Lazard
John Rabun
Billy Sutton


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